Wednesday, September 26, 2012

voting and other things

Issue #1 Voting

I was recently watching Rachel Maddows. And when I say recently I mean a few weeks ago. She was acknowledging the decision many Americans make not to vote, and mentioned that it is the intention of many higher-ups to shrink the number of voters, thus making a single vote count as more. She implicitly convinced us to vote saying that if we choose not to it would be gratifying to these manipulative politicians.
I have to wonder though, if you really don't give a damn, you like or dislike all candidates equally, should you be pressured into voting? Why not leave it to those of us who actively care about issues dependent upon an election. It seems like letting those who care would be more effective at determining a president that the simple "because I can" attitude we have in place now. I love Rachel Maddows, and exercising one's rights is important, but at what price?

Other things: Yesterday I shadowed a door-to-door salesman. it was one of the most exhausting, disheartening things I have ever seen in my life. Many people were superficially nice and smiley. But you could see straight through their thin veil of kindness the urgency to shut the door and go back about their business. Others just slammed the door in our faces. I hate what this says about our culture.
I am guilty of similar behavior, in person, on the phone and everywhere else.
We are so protective of our material (assets we don't always need) that we are willing to forgo basic courtesy to other humans to maintain them. Suspicion is not a bad trait, but I  so wish we could use it sparingly.
We never know if the guy begging for change really is on his last leg and just needs a sandwich, or if he is about to die of heroin withdrawals, either way he needs cash. Maybe the person at the door really can get you a good deal...we don't know because none of us are willing to listen. We may humor one of these people per day, and label it our "good deed" and move on to be an asshole the rest of the time. Those people who slammed the door in my face don't know that I am an aspiring author who will likely write an eerily familiar description of them and their house into my book, similar address and everything.

Let's give being genuinely nice a try, not superficial, saccharin-y sweet gestures that makes us feel better momentarily. Ok? Thanks.

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