Thursday, September 27, 2012


Do you actually know anyone who has a functional relationship with a step parent? Because I really don't. I suspect there is an evolutionary device that prevents people from bonding with their partner's children if said children are not, in fact, their own.  I only bring this up because I really, REALLY, cannot stand mine. He is desperate to assert authority in whatever way he can, though he often fails; he was a main source of grief in my adolescence...and is to this day, he belongs in the category of infantile men.

Anyway, enough of that rant. Can we please talk about how hard it is to lose weight? I really feel like the ingredients in food are tainted, because the amount of work i have been doing should have done something by now. Stress doesn't help either, I am sure. I have a few gray hairs too, it's freaking me out. I sound so insecure right now.

Did you know earlier this week ( I believe it was yesterday) was one hit wonder day? Isn't that awesome?? I think my favorite one hit wonder is ... that is actually an excellent question. Nothing is coming to mind. I keep thinking o singers from the 80s, but none of them are technically one-hitters. Meatloaf, Toni Basil, Frankie goes to Hollywood...they all had actual albums didn't they? Maybe not Toni Basil.

Ooh, something irritating: this girl I was talking to today used the phrase "inspiring actor" but based on the context clues I tried to convince her that it was actually "aspiring actor" which she did not believe. It should not have annoyed my as much as it did...but it did. Other people's perception of things really bother me if they are not correct.

I really hope I find a job or win the lottery tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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