Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Things I love

I love to write. I love how, not only words, but entire story lines, can flow through you onto a page or screen with fully fleshed out characters that your own subconscious has developed. Sometimes these characters are drawn from people we know, other times they are total stranger to us.

I love smells. I often wonder if people perceive aromas and colors the same way I do. Some of my favorites are jasmine, rose, gasoline, marinara sauce, coffee, pine needles, beer, freshly cut grass, cigars, laundry soap, firewood, the ocean, and body odor, depending on the person its coming from.

I love quiet babies. except the ugly ones.

I love music, all kinds really. There was a time when I hated elevator-type jazz, but even that I can associate with fond memories of working in an office. I like the sounds on tracks you aren't supposed to hear like fingernails on a guitar bridge, or a small burp under the microphone. Those things make a recording human and add to the actual composition.

I love when embarrassing things happen to other people. You might think this is mean spirited, and it is, but I also think it's funny when embarrassing things happen to me, though slightly less so.

Jalapeno poppers, and most savory junk food. This can easily be extended to Cheese-its and hot Cheetos. They are awful for you but, I don't care. It washes down best with a coke slushy or a Hansen's cream soda, f.y.i.

I love having people draw on my back and play with my hair, the best part of getting your hair done at a salon is the shampoo they give you, hands DOWN. I think I'm just one of those creepy people that really like being touched.

I love my friends and having heart-to-hearts, and the idea that I will make more of them before my life is over.

Men with stubble and unkempt brows

Thai food.

This could be a long ass list. more to come.

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