Friday, October 26, 2012

I hate hipsterism. I have said it once and I will say it again.

I know most people "hate" hipsters, but they don't seem to be going away, so someone is producing them. And by someone, I mean small radio stations, record stores, galleries, and other places meant for optimum smuggery.

Originality for the sake of originality can be so damn obnoxious, it becomes just another way to stratify society and ostracize certain groups.

One thing I hate about hipsters is the fact that they hate labels.

This hatred only applies to certain labels, however. They don't like terms like "bisexual,"nor do they want to be identified by race, ethnicity, or even gender. But hipsters do like telling you about how vegan they are. They also would also fuckin' love to tell you about psychological profiling, and they will repeatedly tell you how much you embody a  particular Briggs/ Meyers type.

They will also freely identify religious affiliation, so long as it isn't Christianity.

They prefer to use words no one else has heard of, in order to gain intellectual superiority, if only they themselves perceive it.

The spirit of sharing knowledge can be so hard to find among these kinds of young people. Knowledge becomes a weapon to use against others. It is hideous.

I want hippies back. Real hippies, not the ones that judge you for not being alternative enough. Just nice, peaceable, unshaven hippies.  


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