Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Book Review: Bossypants

Today I am running through a list of books I have read in the last year, and since I can't have the book club I always dreamed of, I thought I might as well confer my opinions on this sad little blog. If by some miracle you have a comment, please leave it. If you haven't read this book, maybe this post will help you decide to.

Bossypants is a good starting point because I adore Tina Fey. And the book is hilarious, even if you're a man (you might not believe me).

What exactly makes it good? Like most memoirs, it's honest, and self deprecating. It offers period jokes at the beginning and things about towards Alec Baldwin at the end.

One problem I had with this book is that it seemed like the beginning really packed all the punch and as the story went on she got more and more matter-of-fact about her life - this is the opposite of most autobiographies I have read - usually childhood is the lull, it might include a bit about abuse and why that person is so fabulous now, but generally things get more exciting as the story progresses, I didn't necessarily feel that way about Bossypants. The strongest parts are her awkwardness growing up.

In her defense, if she hadn't included the bits about being exhausted on SNL, from trying to appeal to Lorne Michaels, and the launch of  30 Rock, her fans would not have been happy at all. And it is useful, she offers concrete advice to people entering showbiz, particularly girls who are ready to sabotage one another Mean Girls style.

I think you will enjoy this book the most if you go in thinking it's not meant to be funny, which is hard, considering the author. But really, towards the end, it kind of becomes a to-do manual, okay, maybe not that dry. Again, this could be because of my age, I can't relate to a lot of the things later in the book.

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