Friday, August 31, 2012


Today's theme is bisexuality.

 I'm curious about how common so-called sexual fluidity is. Supposedly, it occurs somewhat frequently among women, though I know quite a few male bisexuals. Would I ever have sex with a woman? I have kissed women, and it was enjoyable. It wasn't gross or threatening, (it also wasn't mean to impress anyone). But if I am being honest, I'm pretty secure with my heterosexuality. I have no romantic inclination towards women and am not even actively attracted to them, if I see a pretty girl I am much more likely to want to exchange beauty tips and share that sisterly bond than to tongue her down. The only woman who has ever turned me on is the "Shane" character from the L Word, but I think that has to do with the fact that she was so androgynous, if not masculine. I sort of assume many female bisexuals are trying to achieve a certain amount of cache with a young, hip demographic, (or men) though I don't think this applies to all of them...but think about David Bowie in the 60s who later revealed himself to be comfortably straight, was it genuinely a period of self discovery, or a ploy for attention? You decide.

I think the male bisexual is a much more enigmatic creature. I find myself questioning their motives, for some reason. I am friends with two men who describe themselves as bisexual "with a strong preference for women". This made me think about Ancient Greeks, and the role pederasty played. This kind of sexual activity did not usually fall under romantic love, it was more of a mentoring activity between a young man and an older, more authoritative man, (who would always top). Perhaps the actual sex wasn't mentoring, that should be reiterated. As a part of that relationship, the apprentice-type younger man would service his guide. This says a lot about the connection between masculinity and sex more than it does about love or orientation.  I feel like that applies to many modern, male bisexuals. Not that it's any of my business what people choose to do with their bodies, but it is somewhat curious. One of said friends said he "prefers twinks" when he is with a man.  This, I think, would support my theory, and there is of course the stereotypes regarding what happens in a prison. I also sometimes think "bisexual" is a halfway stop for coming out as gay.

Again, none of this is my business, but it is an interesting thing to chew on.

What do any readers I might have think of bisexuality, is it offensive? Does it cheapen the gay community and make light of the choice many have made to come out? I sometimes think so. Comments are welcome as always.

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