Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Here we go again.

I know am talking to an empty theater, but I would rather at least try to get heard than sit on my ass and be sorry I never gave it a shot.

This is my second post after the Reboot of my blog. Initially, I was going to post only on Mon, Wed, Fri, but now I'm thinking I need to kick it up a notch and post every day.

I have thought of more things to rant about.

First order of business is unemployment. I am fresh off the school train and have been looking for a job with NO success (while working in publishing is my priority, I have to try and pay some of my bills while I build up my readership from scratch). What does it take to get a job nowadays? I have applied to nearly every establishment I have entered in the past four months, harassed them with phone calls daily, and still no luck. I would prefer retail, temping, or waitressing, etc, but am willing to do custodial work, fast food, seriously, any job you can sling me would be a blessing.

Now that that is off my chest, I am going to be grateful for something. (I think this is going to be the format for this blog- something to hate and something to love every day)

I love stand up comedy. The raunchier the better...well not always, but a lot of time the more sordidly sexual items can illicit a response. I love that there are so many female comediennes that have found success in the past twenty years; Ellen Degeneres, Margaret Cho, Kathy Griffin, Chelsea Handler...and let's not forget our old school champions like Joan Rivers. There are of course men who are funny too, my personal favorites lie on opposite ends of the spectrum Eddie Izzard and Jeff Foxworthy...yes, I know, shut up. I also love Eddie Murphy in the 80s- "A goony goo goo" - shit's hilarious. I admire people who just go balls to the wall and risk it all, I was in drama in the 9th grade and I had panic attacks regularly.

I think an appropriate addition to this format would be the inclusion of questions at the end.

Today's Are:

Have you felt the brunt of unemployment, if so, how?
What do you think of Stand up Comedy? Do you find it obnoxious or genuinely funny? Who are your favorite Comics?

Well I can hear the crickets chirping...I better stop writing.

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